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Many guests enjoying their Jamaican holiday inquire as to the origin of the plethora of antiques, sculptures and artwork found throughout the villa property.  The collection of artwork was amassed by the owners over the past several decades from travels around the world, focusing on Asian and Far Eastern antiquities.  Some of the important artwork is listed below:

  • 18th Century Buddhist Bible Chest - from the Ching Mai area of Thailand located in the Golden Triangle in the northwest part of the country.  The Buddhist Monks placed manuscripts in the back vault.  (Pavilion)
  • 17th Century pair of aged teak Buddhist statuary attendants.  These figures were stationed in the front of a Buddhist Temple in Mandalay, Burma (now Myanmar) and were removed during the late 1980's when civil war broke out in Burma.  (Pavilion)
  • 17th Century bronze temple bell - also from Burma and was removed by Buddhist Monks from the temple during the late 1980's when civil war broke out in Burma.  (Pavilion)
  • Oil Paintings - all are original and done by Balinese artists.  (Throughout the property)
  • Stone Statuary - all are from either the islands of Bali or Java, Indonesia.  Primarily, the larger pieces range from the late 19th to mid 20th centuries.  Most are Hindu subjects / gods and Buddhist figures.  (Throughout the property)
  • Pots - glazed cobalt blue pots and deep brown terra-cotta pots are from Thailand and made especially for the villa.  Ceramic pot outside the Dining Pavilion is 18th Century Tibet.  (Throughout the property)
  • Brass Elephant - 18th Century from the island of Madeira, Indonesia.  (Dining Pavilion)
  • Carved Limestone Artwork - 11 hand carved 16th century Chinese Ming Dynasty limestone plaques prominently displayed on exterior walls were from the fascia of a bridge in Nan Jung, China.  ( Pavilion, Dining Pavilion & Owner's Villa)
  • Furniture - all replicated late 20th century from the Chinese Ming Dynasty (15th and 16th Century) reproduced from premium quality teak in Batubulan, Bali and Indonesia.  (Throughout the property)
  • Antique Carpets - Middle East, China and Southern Russia antique carpets of the 19th and 20th Century. (Throughout the property)

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