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ITEC believes in protecting and conserving the environment.  We continually strive to develop ways to reduce the environmental impact of our ethanol and biofuels trading and distribution activities on the environment.  We use our long historic presence within the global ethanol industry since 1985 to contribute to and influence in a positive manner to the complex economic, social and environmental challenges within our supply chains.  Whether one is a large, medium or small company, it is important to identify, encourage and influence the adoption of responsible and sustainable practices within our supply chains.

Responsible sourcing of bio-renewable ethanol supplies in the global marketplace must take into account environmental and social considerations when managing relationships with suppliers.  It is an integral part of managing the supply chains from where the products are produced to where they are consumed.

Interest is growing globally to evaluate where renewable fuels products are produced and whether they are manufactured in a socially responsible manner.  ITEC considers responsible sourcing to be part of a company’s social commitment to conduct its business with responsibility and integrity, to help protect and conserve the environment and to treat people with dignity and respect.

ITEC continually evaluates and addresses many aspects of the bioethanol and biofuels industry in developing a code of business conduct and in refraining from the support or acceptance of illegal, abusive or enforced labor within the supply chain.  We endorse and promote our concerns for instituting sustainable agricultural practices and conserving forests and biodiversity of crops involved in our supply chain.  To this end ITEC works with other industry stakeholders and has endorsed and adopted the use of those sustainability terms in ITEC’s supply chain contracts wherever possible.