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ITEC can supply your fermentation grade ethanol requirements for various industrial applications for use in the production of intermediate chemicals, medical applications, food products, crude beverage alcohol and neutral spirits.

For smaller volume ISO-tanks or truckload requirements of specially denatured alcohols (S.D.A.), we can readily supply almost any of the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's (TTB’s) S.D.A. Formulations. If your need is for ethanol product meeting an S.D.A. for another country, we can handle the necessary paperwork to obtain approvals from the U.S. TTB for the manufacturing of such a product in the U.S.

For those applications permitting products manufactured from synthetic ethanol or mixed alcohol streams, ITEC has a selection of domestic and international manufacturers with whom we have distribution agreements.

ITEC has over 29 years of experience handling the stringent quality controls necessary for the logistics and bulk transport of high purity industrial, beverage and pharmaceutical grades of ethanol.    You can trust us to handle just-in-time inventory of the highest purity.

Some of our typical specifications of bulk industrial grades of ethanol are:

(An excellent reference manual for those customers having demanding industrial ethanol purchase requirements is the:  “Ethyl Alcohol Handbook” courtesy of LyondellBasell.)