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ITEC’s U.S. and international fuel alcohol operations are primarily focused on the marketing, trading and distribution of ethanol conforming to the U.S. ASTM D 4806-Denatured Fuel Ethanol, European EN 15376-Denatured Fuel Ethanol, Brazilian ANP Anhydrous Fuel Ethanol and Brazilian Hydrated Fuel Ethanol and the Chinese Denatured Fuel Ethanol specifications.  Each of the specifications is modified periodically and the most current specification for each may be accessed by clicking on the above product specification.

The ASTM D 4806 fuel alcohol specification is that which is used for the United States and Canada and a number of African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries.  The U.S. is now the largest producer of fuel ethanol in the world and is now supplying more extensively the global export markets when the financial arbitrages are open.

The EN 15376 fuel alcohol specification is primarily for the 28 member European Union countries.  The chemical properties of EN 15376 fuel alcohol are quite similar to the ASTM D 4806 with the exception of the maximum water content which is substantially lower and most countries require the product to be undenatured.  When imports to the EU have been required, traditionally this ethanol product has been sourced from Brazil when the financial arbitrage is open.  In 2010 the arbitrage opened for the first time for the U.S. for the export of this product to Europe and it is anticipated this will continue to be a frequent occurrence in the coming years as has been the case during the 2nd half of 2015.

A Country Comparison Analysis for the similarities and differences between the U.S. ASTM, the European EN 15376, the Brazilian ANP Anhydrous and the Chinese Fuel Ethanol specifications is available.

ITEC can handle customer requirements for bulk export or import shipments of these ethanol products on a CFR or CIF basis around the globe.  If your requirements are for railcar deliveries within the U.S. we arrange deliveries to be made on a DDP basis. ITEC's Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for these products are available under a separate heading under PRODUCTS & SERVICES herein.


Itec produces directly or under licencing agreements a number of proprietary products used by gasoline manufacturers and blenders as anti-knock and corrosion inhibitors which are under the trademark name of ITECSOL™.